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Fastest growing City in West Africa






Tamale Ghana - is referred to as the fastest growing city in West Africa because of its fast transformation. This might sound as an exaggeration, but make no mistake. Tamale (capital of the Northern Region of Ghana) now serves as a gateway to the Sahel such as Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Benin, Cote D'voire and Togo.

It has an International Airport which could make Tamale the aviation hub of the sub-region. The city authorities are also developing an Inland Transit Port to promote sub-regional trade. It is also the gateway to all the important tourism sites in Northern Ghana.

In two years, about six Financial Institutions (Banks) have opened branches in the city. It boast of a new sports stadium and the University of Development Studies which in 2008 put up a $6.2 million 3-Star hostel.




University of Development Studies hostel facilities in Ghana


University of Development Studies has it's main campus in Tamale, the Northern Regional Capital. Above is the newly built $6.2 million hostel facility that will match any university residence in the world.

Tamale Sport Stadium in northen Ghana


Tamale football stadium is on of the multi million dollar infrastructure springing up in Northern Ghana




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