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Originally used for the Trans Atlantic trade, Cape Coast has now grown grown into a major tourist hub in West Africa.  The former capital of Gold Coast (currently Ghana) grew around Cape Coast Castle, now a World Heritage Site. Hotels Cape Coast are usually located along the clean beaches and are well crafted to make visiting tourists feel the local Ghanaian serenity.

Cape Coast Town has the finest collection of secondary schools in Ghana. Of the top 10 ranked schools in the 10 regions of Ghana, 5 of them are located in this small town of Cape Coast. The University of Cape Coast (UCC) is also Africa's leading University in the field of education. UCC has produced top class teachers across Africa.

Many tourist who visit Ghana always make a stop at the Cape Coast Castle - it played host to President Barack Obama and Family in July 2009.




Cape Coast Castle was a mojor slave trade hub in West Africa


The Cape Coast Castle was a major slave trade hub in the whole of West Africa.  President Obama gave a speech from here

University of Cape Coast


University of Cape Coast (UCC) in the Central Region of Ghana, is the best Research and Teacher Training in West Africa.

Beach in the central region of Ghana


Beautiful beaches stretch along the coast and locals are mostly fisherman. Ghanaian President hails from the Central Region.

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