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Wa Ghana - Want a taste of Ghana’s favorite sweet and mild alcoholic beverage called pito (pronounced PEE-toe)? Then welcome to Wa and be prepared to drink from beautifully crafted natural wooden bowls called calabash.

Wa is the capital of the Upper West Region of Ghana located in the northwestern corner of the country and is bordered by Burkina Faso to the north and Ivory Coast to the West. Neighbouring towns include Nandom, Daffiema, Jirapa, Kaleo, Nadowli, Lawra and Tumu.

Waali, the language of the Wala, and the Dagaare language are mutually intelligible.

The major economic activity of the region is agriculture. Crops grown include corn, millet, groundnuts, okro, shea butter, and rice.





The old Wa township in the Upper West Region of Ghana

Donkeys are used as the main means of carrying form produce.


This ancient Mosque is one of the oldest in Ghana.




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