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University of Cape Coast





University of Cape Coast (UCC)


Talk of top class career in the field of education and you will definitely find the University of Cape Coast on top!  Located along the beach front of Ghana's leading tourist destination ( Cape Coast Township ), this university is the alma mater of many teachers and lecturers in Ghana.

UCC used to focus solely on training teachers for Ghana's educational sector.  But over the cause of 50 years this has changed. The University has also restructured its degree programmes by de-coupling the study of professional education courses from the main degree course.

This was done to allow flexibility and choice in its course offerings and thus cater for specific needs of students, while still focusing on its traditional mission of producing highly qualified and skilled manpower in education.




university-of-cape-coast-ghana University-of-cape-coast-library ucc-ghana
As part of its desire to vigorously promote distance education, the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) has acquired sites in seven out of ten regions for the construction of permanent study centres.

The centres will eventually serve as UCC campuses in the regions to run some campus-based programmes.  Online degrees are not being offered yet.

The university has a high school as well (pictured above)


University of Cape Coast is home to one of the biggest university library in the world!

It's one of the few university libraries in Ghana that is designed to accommodate the disabled.

The Resource Centre for Alternative Media and Assistive Technology provides free printing or embossing of some learning materials, such as quizzes, exams, and 1-2 page assignments, notes and handouts.


Contact for UCC

The Registrar,
University of Cape Coast,
Cape Coast, Ghana.

Tel. : 03321-32480/3 Ext. 247/8
Fax  : 233-42-32484
Email: admissions@ucc.edu.gh



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