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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)


Entrance of KNUST

University of Ghana




University of Cape Coast



University of Cape Coast

KNUST claims to be the No.1 university in Ghana - in terms of academics they are right!


Love to do research? Then KNUST is the university to be. Research in KNUST is a priority evident by the numerous research centres on and off campus. The University believe in unveiling hidden secrets through our intensive research efforts


There is also a large multi-cultural international community in KNUST as a result of the high standard of education.


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The University of Ghana is one of the biggest (land area) in the world!  Its Botanical Gardens alone covers an area of approximately 25 hectares.

With the hotels built to international standards, serene environment surrounded by trees and beautiful landscaping, legon is the place to be.

University of Ghana has attracted the most talented faculty with extraordinary capacity for research and extension, making their programs more and more attractive than ever before.

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Talk of top class career in the field of education and you will definitely find the University of Cape Coast on top!  Located along the beach front of Ghana's leading tourist destination ( Cape Coast Township ), this university is the alma mater of many teachers and lecturers in Ghana.

University of Cape Coast is home to one of the biggest university library in the world!

It's one of the few university libraries in Ghana that is designed to accommodate the disabled.

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